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Studio Series Design Competition


2019 Studio Series Design Template

You can design any shape and size, but here are some templates to get your creativity started.

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 Entry Deadline: September 15, 2019

Meet the 2019 Studio Series judges! 

This experienced panel of hospitality design professionals will evaluate each design submitted into the contest. Designs will be evaluated based on style, uniqueness, and manufacturability.


Lauren HolmesLauren Holmes
Senior Interior Designer, Global Design
Marriott International, Inc.

Jennifer FarrisJennifer Farris
Bandura Design

Anissa MendilAnissa Mendil
Principal / Creative Director
Mendil + Meyer Design Studio
2018 Studio Series Winner

Susan CreggSusan Cregg
Managing Partner

Ketan M. DoiphodeKetan M. Doiphode 
Senior Design Manager, Global Design
Marriott International, Inc.

Gretchen GilbertsonGretchen Gilbertson
CEO and Co-Founder

Judging Criteria


Designs that receive high uniqueness scores are completely new and fresh. The industry is flooded with solid, straight light bars. Unique designs will break this trend, offering a fresh take on a ‘vanilla’ lighted mirror.


Style scores are based on the relevance in the marketplace. The hospitality industry dictates design trends. A Studio Series concept with a high style score is easily imagined in today’s up-and-coming properties.


Manufacturing processes and complexity are directly related to costs. Creative ideas that are feasible and relevant will receive a high manufacturability score. Extremely complicated designs with detail finer than 1/8” will receive a low manufacturability score.

Studio Series 2019 Winner Receives:

The Final Product

Séura will manufacture and send the winning designer their Lighted Mirror design


Trip to BDNY 2019

Get a $1,000 travel voucher and complimentary admission to attend BDNY 2019 in New York to see your design on display


Design Recognition

Design becomes part of a Séura Lighted Mirror Design Collection, available for specification with full designer attribution and special features in the Séura digital catalog and on


Designer Showcase

Design will be featured in the Séura booth at BDNY with full designer attribution


Designer Student Scholarship

Designer will be honored with an NEWH student designer scholarship dedicated in their name to a deserving student


Industry Press

Design and designer will be featured in a press release and industry publications following BDNY

"Séura Studio Series celebrates designers - their creativity, their ambition and their ability to innovate beyond our wildest imagination. They inspire us every day."

Aura by Anissa Mendil

Company: Mendil + Meyer

Home: Scottsdale, AZ

Design Inspiration: "The inspiration for this collection comes from a traditional Mandala which is the connection between our inner world and our outer reality. While a mirror reflects our physical appearance it is our inner soul that is who we truly are."

View the Collection


Wanderlust by Yuri Tag

Company: Studio McCormack

Home: Costa Mesa, CA

Design Inspiration: “The idea started with the desire to create a timeless mirror that adds an element of nature to any space and could stand alone as the focal point. Largely influenced by the spirit of adventure, this design instantly transports one to a tropical oasis, a definite "selfie-worthy" or shareable moment."

View the Collection

2016 Studio Series Winner

Deconstructed Deco by Colleen Smith

Company: Hirsch Bedner Associates

Home: Atlanta, GA

Design Inspiration: “I was inspired by the fundamental elegance of Art Deco. Geometric shapes and interesting line work is as current now as it was in the period's heyday. I'm an eclectic designer; I can see this pattern of interplaying angles featured in many different environments.”

View the Collection


NEWH has partnered with Séura to help promote the Studio Series design competition, which rewards an NEWH student scholarship to a deserving student in the winning designer's name. Séura is proud to support NEWH's efforts in providing resources to further the education and development of hospitality professions. 


The winning designer will receive full attribution for design in all published materials. Designer must attend BDNY 2019. Séura will provide reimbursement up to $1,000 for travel and lodging to New York City and complimentary admission for the winning designer to attend the BDNY 2019 trade fair and NEWH Power Players Breakfast. The winner will receive their full size mirror, shipped within the continental U.S. The winning design will become part of a Séura Lighted Mirror Design Collection created in collaboration by the winner and Séura designers. The collection will be available for specification and sale with full designer attribution and special features in the Séura digital catalog and on All rights to designs submitted to Séura are the property of Séura and may be sold without payment of royalty. By submitting a design, the submitter is agreeing that all artwork is original and not owned or created by someone else. The winner will be determined by a jury of industry experts. The winner will be privately informed by October 1, 2019 and announced at the Séura booth at BDNY 2019.