Standard Mirror Size

24″ w x 36″ h
33″ w x 36″ h
45″ w x 36″ h

Lighting Options

T-5 Fluorescent
White LED
Add Dimming Function

Television Sizes

10 inch Séura LCD TV
19 inch Séura LCD TV

Ideal Space



$999 – $1,599+

Reflect Ambience. Illuminate your space.

Séura’s Lumination Collection echoes the character of light – its luster, its grace in shadow. Light fixtures provide an elegant glow to create a dynamic relationship in your most treasured living spaces. Séura’s muse was luminous. Imagine an elegant mirror with just such traits: radiance and style. Add a brilliant sculptural element to your interior with soothing, refined illumination.

A variety of lighting patterns.
A design for every taste.

Séura’s elegant lighting patterns vary from simple minimalism to distinct originality. Séura collaborated with interior design experts to perfect these twelve original patterns. Some designs, such as the Lumin and Sonata, project a high volume of light on the subject. Other designs, such as the Halo and Bolero, emit an ambient, complementing glow. Etched into the backside of the glass, these patterns are protected from dust and discoloration for a long, beautifully illuminated life.

Fluorescent or LED. The choice is yours.

Séura lighted mirrors are available with either Fluorescent or LED lighting. Choose fluorescent for an ultra-bright, pure white brilliance. Select white LED lighting for a long-life, energy-efficient solution. With Séura’s LED lighting, mirror size and design is unrestricted by standard bulb sizes or maintainability. Upgrade to a dimmable ballast for the ultimate in flexibility.

Learn about Brilliant LED Technology
Lumination Collection Mirror Lighting
Lumination Collection Lighted Mirror

Be original.
Design your own etched lighting.

Create something exclusive, something completely original, something that defines you. Séura’s engineers and design teams can take your original ideas from rough sketch to reality. Duplicate a motif from textiles or wall coverings. Utilize an elegant monogram or infuse attitude with a catch-phrase. Incorporate a logo or company name. Séura’s designers are always available to assist your design process.

Enhanced and Deco Series Standard Features


Modest Screens. Bold Integration. 

Séura’s proprietary TVs are the perfect size for bathroom environments with all the connectivity benefits of a larger television. Enjoy flexible integration options like HDMI, Component, Composite, and VGA. Powerful down-firing speakers boost sound from behind the mirror for an invisible solution. Or fill your space with quality sound using the built-in line level-audio out or Phoenix connector.

10 Inch 19 Inch
installation made simple

Installation Made Simple.
Work Faster. Watch Sooner.

Séura’s finely crafted products are fully integrated for fast, easy installation. All mounting brackets and hardware are included with every television mirror. Diagrams and custom drawings for your exact product are available as soon as you order, allowing you to make preparations before the product even arrives. Rest easy knowing Séura’s own Wisconsin-based staff of technical and engineering experts are available to assist.

Diverse Control Options. Automation Made Easy.

Every Séura television is uniquely equipped with Discreet IR and RS232 options. Four IR outputs and one input give you key integration flexibility. Select RS232 control using the built-in serial port. Incorporate into a new or existing system from Crestron, AMX, Control4, or Savant. Compatible drivers with each manufacturer make automation just that – automatic.

Visit our partners page to download instructions and drivers.

waterproof remote control

Waterproof Remote.
designed to survive your lifestyle.

Perfect for wet or messy environments like the bathroom and kitchen, Séura’s waterproof remote is completely waterproof. It survives a drop in the tub or handling with soapy, wet hands. Beat the dirt and bacteria that tend to build up on remotes with an occasional wash with warm soapy water.

Lighted Vanishing TV Mirrors
Séura Enhanced Lumination

Our mirror’s bright reflection closely emulates traditional silvered mirrors. Elegantly concealed when off, this mirror tv brilliantly ensures your style is always on. Your morning routine will never be the same.

Vanishing Television.
Because every morning needs a little magic.

Séura’s exclusive mirror technology is surprisingly magical. When on, Enhanced TV mirrors provide immediate access to news and media. When off, the television completely disappears without a hint of its technical applications for a truly vanishing effect. You decide when a television is in the room with the simple push of a remote control button.

Unsurpassed Coatings for Séura Mirrors

Unsurpassed Coatings.
Unbelievable Mirrors.

Our exclusive Enhanced Series mirrors employ Séura’s own specially formulated glass coatings that deliver a flawless, 100% color-accurate reflection. By reproducing a fine-tuned formula of red, green, and blue light components, reflections never appear discolored or tinted like many competitive products. Séura’s mirror-quality float glass delivers a flawless combination of mirror reflection, television brightness, and magic for a truly vanishing effect. Color corrected mirror coatings significantly enhance light transmission for the highest performance of its kind.

TV when you want it.
Décor when you need it.

With the Enhanced Series, you don’t choose between beauty and technology. Our vanishing television technology is a true reflection of your style. TV mirrors preserve the integrity of your décor for unlimited design possibilities. Don’t settle for a traditional television that distracts from your carefully designed interior. Séura provides solutions that deliver high-performance technology you need, and the invisibility you want.

Enhanced Lumination lighted TV Mirror

Deco Lumination
Lighted Television Mirrors

Find the perfect balance between brilliance and beauty. Our traditional silvered mirror boasts a perfect reflection. This is the perfect mirror to enlighten your bathroom experience.

Deco Lumination Lighted TV Mirror

TV Mirror:
Technology Where You Are

Your personal spaces, with seamlessly integrated television technology. Transforming a traditional mirror into a message, Séura’s Deco Series television mirrors elegantly introduce convenience into your morning routine. Don’t settle for bathroom televisions that take up counter space or unattractively mount to the wall. Check the weather as you apply makeup. Catch up on sports highlights while shaving. Do it all within the convenience of your own television mirror.

Silvered Mirror.
Beautiful Reflection.

Séura’s finely crafted Deco Series mirrors offer a bright, accurate, crystal-clear reflection. Reflecting 100% of red, green, and blue light ensures a pure, true-to-life reflection with no tint of blue or green. Perfect for applying makeup or other personal tasks requiring color accuracy in any lighting condition, Deco Series does not disappoint. Resistant to black edge corrosion, Deco Series mirrors stand the test of time and look beautiful for years to come.

Deco Lumination provides a perfect mirror
Perfect visuals with Deco Lumination by Seura

Bright Television.
Better viewing experience.

Ideal for rooms with many windows or challenging lighting, the Deco Series boasts an ultra-bright television. Séura’s own LCD televisions are, on average, double the brightness of a traditional LCD television. When you need extra lighting for your morning routine, your television will shine through. Radiating through crystal clear glass, this television features an impressive contrast ratio (1,000:1 ) with bright whites, deep blacks, and vivid colors in between for an incredible viewing experience.

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