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Reveal Your True Colors

April 10, 2019

New Séura 95+ CRI Lighted Mirrors Lead the Industry

Your guests want to look and feel their best. Give them the best in Lighted Mirror technology with 95+ CRI for a healthier reflection and improved wellbeing.

How High CRI Improves the Guest Experience

Séura Brilliant LED Technology leads the industry with 95+ Color Rendering Index (CRI) without compromising energy efficiency. Enjoy Séura Brilliant LED Technology – high brightness, efficiency, and high color rendering. Provide more natural-like light that results in the viewer seeing and experiencing:

  • More true, vivid, and vibrant colors
  • Improved appearance of objects with more detail and clarity
  • High color contrast that makes it easy to differentiate colors
  • Improved wellbeing from exposure to light that closely resembles natural sunlight
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About CRI

Color rendering index (CRI) is a measurement of the degree to which a light source shows the “true” colors of the objects it illuminates on a scale of 0 to 100. A higher CRI rating yields a better color rendering that is like natural light and preferred by users. The most natural lighting for humans is sunlight. It’s beneficial to our health and well-being to have light that closely resembles natural sunlight.

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Request a quote on your next project. Séura Lighted Mirrors featuring Brilliant LED Technology now features 95+CRI. 

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95+ CRI LEDs available on new orders only. Orders currently in production do not apply. Outstanding model room projects and quotes may be updated per the customer's request. For more information or to discuss your project, contact Séura.