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Séura and Coastal Source to set up backyard party outside CEDIA Expo

August 7, 2019

Denver, CO – Two of the country’s top outdoor entertainment product companies are teaming up to provide an experience unlike any other during the 2019 CEDIA Expo in Denver, and it’s an event you won’t want to miss.

Destination Backyard CEDIA Expo 2019

Séura, a leading manufacturer of outdoor TVs, and Coastal Source, the new standard in manufacturing high-performance outdoor lighting and audio, will be showcasing some of their products during a Destination Backyard event adjacent to the CEDIA Expo at the Colorado Convention Center main entrance. The CEDIA Expo, which will be held from September 10-14, is the country’s premier trade show in smart and home technology.

The companies will create an outdoor oasis to give CEDIA attendees a glimpse into an extraordinary backyard party. The space will be complete with grassy areas, patio furniture, lawn games, outdoor seating spaces, canopy tents — and, of course, Séura Outdoor TVs and Coastal Source Outdoor Audio Systems. It will allow conference attendees to immerse themselves fully in the Séura and Coastal Source experiences.

Séura and Coastal Source have complementary products that when combined, create an incredible outdoor experience. It made sense for us to join together to provide a true backyard destination for the CEDIA audience so they can experience our products in their natural outdoor environment.

The event will showcase certain Séura and Coastal Source products outside and exposed to the elements for which they’re designed, while also giving expo attendees a place to get some fresh air and relax while watching TV and enjoying music. The experience will be open Thursday, September 12 and Friday, September 13.

Placing our products outside allows people to quickly make the connection that these products are designed for the outdoors. Not only will people witness the brighter picture quality and clear sound for noisy outdoor environments, but these products are fully weatherproof. If an afternoon Colorado thunderstorm rolls in, the products will be just fine.

Coastal Source audio products are meant to withstand the harshest of outdoor conditions from coast to coast. Designed from scratch in the Florida Keys, the patented and award winning Bollard Speaker line of products represents a true leap forward in what is possible for outdoor speakers. This lineup will all be available for auditioning outdoors in both stereo and 5.1 outdoor theater configurations, all powered by the Coastal Source Sprinter Van. Also on display will be the groundbreaking 12.0 Line Source Bollard Speaker prototypes. These speakers continue to defy the boundaries of outdoor audio.

Séura’s premium outdoor TVs are made for any outdoor space — deck, patio, or pool area — but even direct sunlight is no match. They are equipped with the company’s exclusive Adaptive Picture Technology, which continuously adjusts multiple picture settings to present optimal video quality in changing lighting conditions throughout the day. Séura’s Outdoor TVs are specifically designed with all electrical connections and critical devices properly protected and sealed to withstand heat, cold, moisture, dust, and insects. They’re safe, secure and durable enough to be permanently displayed and operated outside year round in temperatures ranging from -40° F to 140° F (Ultra Bright) and -24° F to 104° F (Shade Series). These TVs and other accessories like sound bars, weatherproof TV mounts, and TV covers will be on display at the outdoor party.

Séura and Coastal Source will also have booths inside the CEDIA Expo. Séura will feature its entire product lineup, including Vanity Mirrors (Lighted Mirrors, TV Mirrors, and SMART Mirrors), Entertainment TV Mirrors, Indoor Waterproof TVs, and Outdoor TVs. Coastal Source’s indoor booth will showcase a wide array of products in both Outdoor Audio and Outdoor Lighting. See the quality and engineering behind the lifetime warranty backed solid brass Landscape Lighting. Hear the unparalleled sound quality from the entire Bollard Speaker lineup. Visit Séura at booth 501 and visit Coastal Source at booth 1134.

Visit to learn more about the Destination Backyard event and to RSVP. Visit for more information on Coastal Source products. Visit to learn more about Séura.

About Séura

Founded in 2003, Séura (seer-ah) is a world-class manufacturer of outdoor TVs, indoor waterproof TVs, TV mirrors, smart mirrors, and lighted mirrors. What started as a vision by husband and wife team Tim and Gretchen Gilbertson to bridge the gap between design and technology has evolved into a dream to eliminate that gap. Today they’re working to find the perfect harmony of design and technology in every product and project so each individual gets the most from every space they’re in. 

About Coastal Source

Founded in 2003, Coastal Source is a world-class manufacturer of high-performance Outdoor Audio & Lighting Systems. Our family, our company, our passion for excellence was born in the Florida Keys. Our coastal tough outdoor products and systems are designed to improve the quality of outdoor life from coast to coast and all points in between. We offer the industry's best-trained designers and installers of Outdoor Audio and Lighting Systems through our growing network of Certified Dealers. We are relentless in creating the highest-performance, longest lasting products in the industry.