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Outdoor TVs for Every Environment

JUNE, 25 2019



Outdoor TVs for Every Environment

Summer finally has its hold on most of the country, and you’re probably spending more time outdoors. That means it’s the perfect time to make that outdoor area a true extension of your home by finishing off your space with a Séura Outdoor TV.

Séura’s line of TVs — Ultra Bright for sunny spots and Shade Series for covered areas — are designed with components that set them apart from and above others in the industry. They have superior brightness, better sound, and overall supreme quality in every application — from bright sun to full shade. Plus, they start at just $2,499 MSLP.

Largest, Sleekest Design

Séura’s Shade Series TVs range in size from 55 to 75 inches, and the Ultra Bright line starts at 49 inches and goes up to an astonishing 86 inches! Sleek, mirrored side panels help incorporate the TV seamlessly into any design. These TVs were made with your unique space in mind.

Best Picture Quality

Ultra Bright is equipped with Séura’s exclusive Adaptive Picture Technology, which continuously adjusts multiple picture settings to present optimal video quality in changing lighting conditions throughout the day. It boasts a display three times brighter than any indoor TV and 30 percent brighter than similar alternatives. Its crisp display has amazingly sharp details so viewers can absorb every feature while lounging poolside.

Equipped with High Dynamic Range, Séura Shade series TVs provide high contrast between bright and dark colors for the best outdoor picture. They are up to 60 percent brighter than indoor TVs and 12 percent brighter than the competition’s full-shade outdoor display. It means perfect TV viewing from your covered patio, lanai, or screened-in porch.

Every Séura Outdoor TV boasts beautifully vivid 4K UHD and HDR technology.

Best Warranty

We realize purchasing an outdoor TV means you invested in a product designed for the outdoors. We want you to know that with Séura, you’re covered. You don’t have to worry about the TV being left outside in the rain or in the direct sun on a hot summer day. We designed the product for the outdoors, and we provide an industry-leading warranty of two years to give you peace of mind. We build our TVs to the highest quality standards, and we stand behind our products!

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The Outdoor Kitchen

Whether you host regular dinner parties or simply want to enjoy backyard dining with your family, an outdoor kitchen is a must. But as everyone knows, the cook is often stuck doing the dirty work while everyone else has fun. We’re here to help you change that.

If you’re thinking about installing an outdoor kitchen, take a look at these design tips to help you create a space that will keep you in the middle of the party even when you’re whipping up the evening meal.


Prep inside. To prevent the back and forth from inside kitchen to outside kitchen, do as much prep work beforehand in your fully-equipped kitchen. When it is time to cook, don’t forget to gather all your essentials. Or better yet, stock your outdoor kitchen with duplicates of all your favorite kitchen tools.

If possible, make your outdoor kitchen adjacent to your indoor one. It will seem like your outdoor kitchen is an extension of your home. Along the same line, a kitchen window pass-through is another brilliant idea.

Add an island or bar top. Just like in your regular kitchen, guests will be drawn to it. Having a dedicated place for them to sit and chat means you’ll still be immersed in conversation while you cook. It also means extra prep space and room for your sous chef!

If you’re installing a beer tap — which we highly recommend! — make sure you keep it near the end of your countertop. Guests will be drawn to the kitchen for refills and conversation, but they won’t get in your way. Keep your mini beverage fridge on the outskirts, too, to help you control where people congregate.



Outdoor Security and Lighting

When most people think about designing an outdoor living space, the fine details are often overlooked. For the average homeowner, it’s more exciting to plan out what your outdoor fireplace will look like than it is to think about where to place cameras and lights and bury wires.

But really, the lighting and security features are just as important, and you’ll want them to work together seamlessly. By hiring a custom integrator, you’ll have all electronic systems outside your home running under one control system. A custom integrator can provide a single, easy-to-use control system for all lighting, audio visual systems, surveillance systems, networking, and any other electronic systems you can imagine. It will simplify your life by making it more convenient, safer, energy efficient, and enjoyable. 

And because weather-related concerns are the biggest issue for custom integrators, we wanted to share a few of the highest-rated outdoor products to help you finish your project.

Outdoor Security

For weekend warriors, the market is flooded with DIY security solutions. According to, Arlo security cameras and lights are great options to protect your yard. Nest and Ring are other low-cost favorites.

But if you’d rather spend your weekends enjoying your backyard than working on it, we recommend contracting your local custom integrator. Especially if your home is already outfitted with other technologies, integrating into a whole-home security system or designing a network of cameras requires a professional.

Your integrator can utilize products from Honeywell, IC Realtime, Ring, and others to develop a solution that has cameras on your most important areas and alarms set up where needed. An integrator will help connect it with the rest of your home so you can always have access to your security system. Peace of mind is a priceless benefit!

Outdoor Lighting

If you want to go smart, Philips Hue is a leading option. Decorative outdoor lighting isn’t about the light itself, but the light it casts. Philips Hue’s Lily outdoor spotlights come in internet-connected, color-changing (16 million colors, actually) models. To use these lights properly you’ll need a Hue Bridge plugged into your router. If the technical details sound like too much, remember that hiring a custom integrator will make this headache free!

For more a more polished outdoor lighting solution, your electronics designer can create a plan unique to your yard that utilizes a combination of focal, spot, wash, botanical, and feature light sources for a beautifully and professionally illuminated space. Suppliers such as Coastal Source manufacture high-end lighting equipment designed to elegantly and discreetly showcase your beautiful outdoor oasis.

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