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The Art of Balance and Design

In the Candice Tells All episode, ‘The Art of Balance’, design expert Candice Olson uses fundamental design principles to inject balance and symmetry - transforming an awkward living room into a beautiful and relaxing space with a Séura Entertainment TV Mirror as the centerpiece of the design.

In this episode, Candice finds the perfect solution to balance technology and design with a Séura Entertainment TV Mirror to create a gathering space, and a relaxing living room for watching TV.

Candice Olson utilizes a Séura Vanishing Entertainment TV Mirror to provide balance and symmetry in what was once an awkward living room.

The 46” LED TV provides a bright, high-performance picture when switched on, and transforms into a stunning mirror when switched off. Candice chose a warm wood frame from Séura’s Belmont collection to add a custom touch of elegance to the TV mirror. The Séura TV Mirror is installed above a fireplace and between flanking bookcases.

The TV Mirror has become a focal point in the room and complements the fireplace.

When off, the Séura Vanishing Entertainment TV Mirror is a beautifully framed mirror.
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A beautiful mirror that transforms into a TV in an instant. Séura Vanishing TVs offer uncompromising quality, while adding to the room's design.

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