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Green Bay Football Stadium

With a rich history that includes The Ice Bowl, this professional football stadium experiences warm summers, bitterly cold winters, and everything in between.

If football fans are willing to endure extreme temperatures for the love of the game, then the stadium facilities should be designed with the same passion and toughness.

Enhancing the game experience

During the Green Bay Field South End Zone expansion, Séura was commissioned to help provide fans with the league’s best football experience. Séura Storm Ultra Bright Outdoor Televisions were installed throughout the facilities to ensure continuous engagement and enjoyment from virtually anywhere in the stadium. 

Content is displayed to fans throughout the stadium, even in locations exposed to the outdoors.

The Séura Storm Ultra Bright Outdoor TV performs in temperatures from -30 degrees to 122 degrees. The Activ™ Airflow System heats and cools electronics to keep the Séura TV ready to perform flawlessly no matter the weather conditions.

Séura built custom mounts and perfectly matched the TV housing units to the team’s signature green.

No detail was too small in creating a great fan experience. 

Séura Storm Ultra Bright Outdoor Televisions are located in the South End Zone, Concourse, North East Zone and on the Party Deck of the Green Bay Stadium.


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Séura Storm Ultra Bright

Incredible brightness with sophisticated anti-glare technology provides remarkable picture clarity in any lighting conditions, including direct sunlight. 

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