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Osbee Industries, Inc. rejuvenates formal living room with aesthetic Séura Entertainment TV Mirror

Osbee Industries, a New York company that designs and installs home automation systems, finished an impressive renovation project with the integration of a stylish Séura product. Several years ago, the renovation of a 12,000 square foot residence was a wild success which included lighting design and control. The home was decked out in the latest A/V equipment. One room, however, was left untouched.

The formal living room was beautifully designed without the aesthetic distraction of technology. There was just one problem. Without a television, the homeowners never used the room. This beautiful space was just that, a beautiful space that remained empty.

When turned off, the TV Mirror blends effortlessly with the décor.

The homeowners looked to Osbee Industries, Inc. to transform it into a space they could use without blemishing the formality of the room. Dave Raines, president of Osbee Industries, Inc., suggested a Séura television mirror be placed above the fireplace.

Installed above the fireplace, the Séura TV Mirror adds to the ambiance of the living room.

The suggestion prompted an entire redesign of the living room, including lighting, audio, and contemporary furnishings. The grand 80” x 50” television mirror with 65” LCD was recessed into the wall for a flush, sleek installation that satisfied both the designer and homeowner. The engineers at Osbee worked with the interior designer to create lighting and shade control that would make the room function as beautifully as it was designed. The resulting space was a beautiful one – a supreme example of integrators, interior designers, and homeowners working together.

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