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Station A Apartments

Located in one of the country’s fastest-growing zip codes, Denver’s Station A apartment living blends stunning style with contemporary living.

The Séura Allegro Lighted Mirror provides functional task lighting at the mirror with light directed towards the viewers face.

Station A Apartments in Denver is an artfully designed apartment complex for the modern renter. According to Station A Apartments, efficient floor plans focus on providing residents with exactly what they need for their active lifestyles. These luxury apartments range in square footage from 558 sq. ft. to 1,322 sq. ft. and offer eight different layout options– featuring open floor plans, split bedrooms, and private balconies. With designer interior finishes that have never been seen before, Station A spaces are the perfect blend of comfort and style.

The Séura Veda Lighted Mirror beautifully lights the space with ambient lighting that shines out from the sides of the mirror.

Each of the apartment home bathrooms are illuminated via Séura lighted mirrors. The property is equipped with more than 700 Séura mirrors in both Veda and Allegro designs. LED lighting with color-accurate technology makes bathroom routines a breeze.

Séura lighted mirrors are installed in two steps. First, electrical contractors install the LED housing. Later, during the finishing stage, installers hang the mirror glass. This two-part installation process keeps glass safe from damage and dust during the finishing stage of the project.


Lighted Mirrors

Smooth lines, unparalleled brightness, superior reflectivity and seamless integration with a broad suite of customization options make Séura’s lighted mirrors the star of every design project.

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