Viewable in sunlight

Temperature Rating

-30 F to 140 F

Television Sizes

42 inch TV
47 inch TV
55 inch TV

Triple Lock Seal

Protected from contaminants

Ideal Space

Hot Tubs


$4,999 – $7,499

Seura Storm Reviewed by CE Pro

Discover weatherproof TV elegance.

Sleek and sexy, Séura’s Storm televisions are in a league of their own. Storm brings elegance to robust, industrial outdoor technology. With a seamless glass face, discreetly beveled edge, subtle aluminum mitered frame, and tapered profile, Storm is another masterpiece from Séura designers. Boasting features that outperform other weatherproof solutions, Storm’s elegant design changes the game. Add style to any outdoor space while offering the best in performance with Storm. At Séura, elegance is never compromised.

Storm Weatherproof Outdoor TV
Storm Outdoor TV Brightness

No other outdoor TV is brighter.

Storm is so bright, it offers a beautifully vivid picture even on the sunniest days. While most other outdoor TVs rate at 450 nits, and indoor TVs at under 200 nits, Storm offers a noticeably brighter image at 700 nits. No need to worry about screen blackout. Consistently reliable, Storm always performs rain or shine.

So hot, it’s cool.

From Arizona’s summer desert heat, to Wisconsin’s blustery winters, Storm is designed to thrive outside year-round. Storm can withstand the harshest weather conditions and temperatures from -30 F to 140 F. Storm’s unique thermal control system keeps components at optimal performance temperatures in extreme heat and bitter cold. Even if you aren’t outside watching television in the snow, rest easy knowing your television is safely waiting until the weather is perfect for you.

Storm Outdoor TV Weatherproof
Storm Outdoor TV is thinner than competitors

Now 44% thinner than the leading competition.

Most technology built for outdoor use appears bulky and heavy. Storm is the first of it’s kind to offer a sleek, tapered profile at a mere 3.7” thin. This low-profile design adds style and elegance to your outdoor room. Be proud of its appearance as well as its performance.

Bright, Bright Sunshiny Day.
LuminOptics Technology delivers.

Séura employs a proprietary combination of anti-reflective screen coatings and an impressive 700-nit brightness rating. Séura’s sophisticated glass coating refracts reflections from both the sun and the TV itself, allowing a purely clear image to shine through. Enjoy vivid image quality even on the sunniest day. No need to worry about screen wash-out or isotropic blackout.

Storm Outdoor TV Luminoptics
Storm Outdoor TV for Weather Protection Dust Proof

Dust in the wind, not the TV.
Storm is protected for performance.

Only Storm employs the smartly engineered dual-filtration Activ™ Airflow System. It works to filter air intake of both fine and large particles for the most efficient purification. Storm’s new Triple Lock Seal provides three barriers of protection against dust, moisture, ice, and insects that can wreak havoc on internal electronics. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that even if you aren’t watching it, Storm is protected 365 days a year.

Accessories for Storm make installation easy.

Séura offers two types of weatherproof wall mounts for Storm and a protective TV cover. Both the full-motion articulating wall mount and the tilting wall mount offer robust structural integrity that support Storm even in windy environments. The protective TV cover is easy to use with a single-point pull tightening system and durable flame-retardant material that keeps the TV clean and dust-free when not in use.

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Storm Weatherproof TV Wall Mount

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