Bay Business Journal – The Innovators Issue

Cutting Edge Inspiration.

***From BBJ’s annual people you should know issue featuring 20 innovative individuals in the area.***

Wildly imaginative, Gretchen Gilbertson gives life to cutting-edge designs. While she’s very creative, she also has the power to inspire others to be inventive.

Gilbertson grew up in an entrepreneurial family. Following in her parents’ footsteps, Gilbertson and her husband founded Séura seven years ago and have since become a force to be reckoned with in the consumer electronics industry. As the mogul behind new product development, Gilbertson attributes their original products for propelling the company’s growth and allowing them to thrive in the fast-paced consumer environment. She says, “It is our company’s way of innovating in every aspect of our business, not just product development, that makes us unique.”

Determined to establish an open forum for ideas, Gilbertson established company-wide “ideation” sessions to expand on product ideas and cultivate a new product development plan with engineers and technical staff. She instituted an “idea board,” open to all employees, welcoming product ideas and practical office suggestions on ways to save money and stay lean.

Séura set out to bridge the gap between technology and home décor, which blossomed into the creation of revolutionary electronics. Vanishing and non-vanishing television mirrors and lighted mirrors were just the beginning. Gilbertson was responsible for designing and engineering Séura’s own 19-inch LCD television, developed specifically for optimized performance and its ultra-slim profile. Other showstoppers include a compact and innovative waterproof LCD and the most recently unveiled waterproof television for outdoor use.

Séura started out of a garage and has grown into a business that stands proudly on Ontario Road with corporate offices and manufacturing space. It began with one-off products for residential use and has expanded to commercial and hospitality markets. Gilbertson was integral in identifying and pursuing growth opportunities, which placed Séura on the map. “While our products continue to meet the discriminating demands of our customers, our way of conducting business and positioning ourselves in our industries has shaped the future of Séura,” adds Gilbertson.