There are many options available for you to create a custom TV mirror by Séura. Experience all that Séura has to offer and contact your nearest custom electronics provider to create something completely you. Séura brings to life your most intricate ideas and exclusive specifications.

Custom Process

Through a streamlined production process, Séura excels in providing custom TV mirror products that range from simple to extreme.

Verbal Quote

Most custom projects can be quoted by authorized Séura resellers. Séura customer service can almost always provide an immediate quote over the phone.

Engineering Drawings

Every custom product is individually designed by one of our expert engineers. See your specifications come to life with in-depth elevations.


Séura’s team of experienced craftsmen create every custom product exactly to your standards. With the entire manufacturing process in the USA, your product ships in 4 weeks or less.

custom tv mirror for the bedroom or living room or great room

Vanishing Entertainment TV Mirrors

for Great Rooms and Bedrooms

Vanishing Entertainment TV Mirrors are maximized for picture performance. These solutions are ideal for larger televisions in any location outside of the bathroom. The proprietary dual-sided glass coating was developed specifically for optimum television performance. This advancement in mirror technology results in a vivid picture for dynamic television viewing. The mirror’s subtle designer tint is a soft complement to any decor and provides both dramatic function and powerful impact.

custom TV mirrors for the vanity

Vanishing Vanity TV Mirrors

for Bathrooms

Vanishing Vanity TV Mirrors mirrors are optimized for mirror performance. In a bathroom, the mirror provides a vital function for make-up and grooming. Quality in brightness and reflection is essential. Séura delivers a proprietary dual-sided glass coating that mimics silvered mirror combined with vivid television quality. Séura is unique in developing a mirror which rivals ordinary vanity glass and still allows the visible LCD screen to shine. Vanishing Vanity TV Mirrors are exclusive to Séura’s product line, and there is no comparable mirror with this revolutionary combination of reflectivity and transparency available in the marketplace.


Unlimited frame options for custom TV mirrors by Séura

Add elegance and finish to any mirror. Choose from Séura’s impressive selection of design-forward frame options from the best moulding craftsmen from around the world.

Browse the Frame Collection

Choose to add a lighting pattern to your custom TV mirror

Lighting Pattern

Add illumination with Séura Brilliant LED technology.
Make a statement with a logo or distinctive pattern.
Colors and intricate etching designs are Séura’s forte!

Choose your TV size to go in your custom Séura TV mirror

TV Display sizes
(Measured Diagonally)

  • 10 inch
  • 19 inch
  • 27 inch
  • 42 inch
  • 49 inch UHD/4K
  • 55 inch UHD/4K
  • 65 inch UHD/4K
Choose your mirror size for your custom TV mirror

Maximum Mirror Size:

94” w x 70” h or

70” w x 94” h

Choose any TV location within your custom TV mirror

Designate the location of the television within the mirror.

Add a bevel to your custom TV mirror


Séura is the only television or lighted mirror manufacturer capable of providing elegant beveling options on select products. Additional fabrication time and minimum order quantity may apply.

Have a matching mirror for your custom TV mirror

Create a mirror wall or get artistic with multiple TV Mirrors and Matching Mirrors. Séura Matching Mirrors are available in any size up to 94” x 60” according to your specification.
Every manufacturer uses a different formula in creating mirror glass. Guarantee a streamlined look with matching mirrors.

custom mirror shapes are available

Options are limitless. Popular shapes include:

Arched Top


Curved Edges


Mirror installation holes

Create something unique with standard holes or dream up elaborate cutouts.

Popular shapes:

Round (sconces, faucets)

Rectangle (outlets, sconces)

Questions or Need a Custom Order?