Mirror Sizes

Widths: 30″, 36″, 42″, 48″, 54″
Heights: 36″, 42″, 48″

Custom Mirror Sizes Up to 94″ w x 70″ h or 70″ w x 94″ h

Lighting Options

Brilliant LED Technology
90+ CRI
Add Dimming Function

Custom Options

Custom Frame
TV Technology
Custom Etching Design
and more…

Ideal Space

Bathroom Vanity

Dressing Room


$1,699 – $2,299+
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Superior brightness.
Endless design possibilities.

Bring abundant, bright and clean light into your bathroom design without adding additional fixtures. Smooth lines, unparalleled brightness, superior mirror reflectivity and a broad suite of customization options make Séura’s lighted mirrors perfect for every design project.

Image Courtesy of 21c Museum Hotels

mirror lighting

The Séura Classic Design Collection.
A design for every taste.

Séura’s Classic Collection is inspired by the clean, sharp lines of classic architecture. Sleek patterns compliment designs featuring bold, rectilinear structural elements. Some designs, such as the Lumin and Allegro, project a high volume of light on the subject. Other designs, such as the Veda and Forte, emit an ambient, complementing glow. Because these patterns are etched into the reverse of the glass, they are protected from dust and discoloration for a long, beautifully illuminated life.

More standard sizes with a 5-day lead time.

Séura offers more than 100 standard mirrors in the Séura Classic Design Collection. Choose from 15 different sizes and 7 different etching designs. Place your order and receive your Séura lighted mirror in five days plus shipping time from Green Bay, WI. Standard sizes range from 30” W x 36” H to 54” W x 48” H. If our standard sizes don’t accommodate your design needs we can create a custom mirror based on your specifications.

New Standard Sizes
30″ w x 36″ h
36″ w x 36″ h
42″ w x 36″ h
48″ w x 36″ h
54″ w x 36″ h
30″ w x 42″ h
36″ w x 42″ h
42″ w x 42″ h
48″ w x 42″ h
54″ w x 42″ h
30″ w x 48″ h
36″ w x 48″ h
42″ w x 48″ h
48″ w x 48″ h
54″ w x 48″ h


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Mirror Sizes
custom upgrades

Customize your lighted mirror.
The possibilities are endless.

Upgrade your Séura mirror with custom design accents, technology adds or other functional benefits.

Optional Upgrades

Polished Bevel
Custom Frame
Custom Etching Design
Additional Ambient Lighting
Light Diffusers

TV Technology
Dimmable Lighting
OLED Clock
Non-Dimmable LED Nightlight
Mirror Defogger

Fingerprint Protection Coating
Tamper-free Security hardware
Safety Mirror Backing

Superior mirror etching

Séura utilizes a precise and scalable vector graphic Computer Numeric Control (CNC) etching process to ensure the lighted mirror etching perfectly matches the intended design every time. From custom patterns to logos to etched artwork, Séura has the experience, capability and passion to make your mirror truly unique and memorable. Etching is applied to the reverse side of the glass to keep the obverse surface free of debris, which allows for easy cleaning.

custom etching

Design Collections

Set your space apart with a contemporary design from one of Séura’s Design Collections. Carefully designed by the industry’s best and curated by Séura’s design team, Séura’s Design Collections offer motifs that capture the essence of up-and-coming trends in the industry.

Black Edge corrosion on lighted mirror

100% copper-free.
No black edge corrosion.

Séura utilizes erosion-free mirror glass for every mirror manufactured. No upgrades required. Mirrors are of the highest quality, fabricated with copper-free coatings to avoid unsightly “black edges” caused by ammoniated cleaners.

Brilliant LED Technology.

Séura lighted mirrors featuring Brilliant LED Technology™ offer superior brightness compared to traditional fluorescent lamps. Select Séura Brilliant LED lighting for a long life, energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable solution that reduces maintenance and replacement costs while saving money on electricity. With Séura Brilliant LED lighting, mirror size and design are unrestricted by standard bulb sizes. Flexible LED strips bend and form to virtually any size and shape, allowing unlimited design options with evenly lit patterns. Upgrade to a dimmable ballast for the ultimate in flexibility.

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