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HD Expo 2018

Séura showcased industry-leading lighted mirrors and brought new, innovative technology to HD Expo in Las Vegas. New innovations included the Séura Alexa Mirror, Bluetooth Technology, value-engineered Séura Select Lighted Mirrors, and the Next Generation of Séura Outdoor Displays.

Live from HD Expo 2018
The highlight of the show, Séura’s Alexa Mirror demonstrated the power of voice in an elegant mirror to deliver a personalized guest experience and drive cost savings and revenue for hoteliers.
Séura leads the industry in customized mirror technology with a range of options including vanishing TVs, Bluetooth technology, and integrated clocks.
Design capabilities allow hospitality designers to stand out with unique etching designs and color options.
Celebrating colorful new capabilities, lucky visitors received a +Color gift featuring Séura's favorite designs.
With or without color, Séura lighted mirrors can augment any bathroom design. Designs from Séura's popular etching collections were featured on display.
Séura mirrors are always copper free and protected against unsightly black edge and de-silvering problems, commonly found in mirrors made overseas.
Séura Select™ is designed for the hotelier that wants high quality products for a budget-friendly price without the risk of imports. Choose from more than 140 models made in Séura's Green Bay, Wisconsin facility.
Séura’s Hydra TV is beautifully recessed into the wall, for a sleek appearance that makes it the ultimate upgrade for the guest bathroom. The waterproof TV is perfect for in showers and above the tub.
The reflective edge of Séura's new Outdoor Displays reflect the surrounding surface, creating an impressive hovering illusion.
Séura's vision is the perfect harmony of technology and design so you can get more out of every space.