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Wisconsin designer tech company avoids Trump-imposed tariffs by keeping it American made

June 13, 2019

GREEN BAY, Wis. – Most tech and manufacturing companies across the country are still reeling from President Trump’s May tariff increase on Chinese imports, but one American company in an otherwise overseas-dominated category is continuing to produce all of its lighted mirrors in the United States, making them tariff-free.


Wisconsin-based Séura has long been the gold standard for lighted mirrors, which are often used in commercial applications like hotels and restaurants. Unlike most of its competitors, which source parts from China, Séura products have always been and will continue to be American made and manufactured.

We have always designed and built our mirrors right here in the USA. It’s not always been the cheapest way to do business, but we believe it is the best because our customers get exactly what they want, when they want it, at a fair price, and with no surprises.

Trump’s tariffs in May increased an additional 15 percent over the 10 percent tariff already imposed in September 2018, and he recently warned he’ll increase them again if Chinese leader Xi Jinping does not attend the G-20 summit in Japan later this month. With trade frictions on the rise and supply chain disruptions abound, Séura remains the best choice for lighted mirrors — meaning no parts compromises, no import delays, and no risk of increased prices due to tariffs.

“We don’t ask our customers to pick an off-the-shelf mirror that was produced months ago in a faraway place that kind of meets their needs. Nor do we change our pricing or delivery commitments,” explained Gilbertson. “At Séura, we help our customers design exactly what’s best for them, then produce it just for them. No compromises, no import delays, and no risk of tariffs, just simply the best lighted mirrors for their property.”

All of Séura’s lighted mirrors — including its value line of lighted mirrors, Séura Select — are designed to client specifications and produced at the company’s Green Bay facility. Séura recently introduced its new LED technology with 95+ Color Rendering Index (CRI) that closely resembles natural sunlight to improve user’s wellbeing, provide a vibrant reflection in the mirror, and deliver full color spectrum accuracy. When consumers choose Séura, they know they’re receiving the industry’s best lighted mirrors, and they can also be confident in stable pricing without the risk of tariffs.

In these uncertain times of trade tensions, newly enacted 25% tariffs, and supply chain disruptions that can wreak havoc on a project, our customers can count on Séura to deliver tariff-free high-quality lighted mirrors, without pricing or delivery surprises.

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About Séura

Founded in 2003, Séura (seer-ah) is a world-class manufacturer of outdoor TVs, indoor waterproof TVs, TV mirrors, smart mirrors, and lighted mirrors. What started as a vision by husband and wife team Tim and Gretchen Gilbertson to bridge the gap between design and technology has evolved into a dream to eliminate that gap. Today they’re working to find the perfect harmony of design and technology in every product and project so each individual gets the most from every space they’re in.