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Reimagine Your Back Yard

JULY, 17 2019



Great Sound with Séura Soundbars

If you’re looking to purchase a Séura Outdoor TV, chances are you aren’t only in it for the picture. To fully immerse yourself and your guests in the experience, the sound coming from your speakers will be just as important as what you’re viewing.

Enter our Shade Series TV, which comes standard with a best-in-class 50-watt all-weather soundbar. It powerfully projects sound out toward the viewer, not down at the ground like other TVs, to fill your outdoor space with rich sound. And the price — starting at $2,499 for a 55-inch TV with included soundbar — is an industry-leading value.

For optimal sound, Séura developed a premium soundbar, which can be used with both outdoor TV lines — Shade Series and Ultra Bright. This two-channel Bluetooth®-enabled outdoor soundbar offers powerful carbon fiber woofers and titanium tweeters to deliver unmatched TV-powered sound. Its internal amplifier noticeably enhances the sound distribution throughout your space.

In addition to upping your TV viewing experience, the Séura Premium Outdoor Soundbar’s Bluetooth® capability means you can connect any mobile device to play music while you’re not listening to TV. This is one upgrade you’ll be glad you made.

If you’re looking for a fully-immersive audio experience throughout your outdoor living space, choose in-ground sound systems like Sonance, Coastal Source, or Origin Acoustics to pair with your Séura products.



4 Non-Traditional Backyard Design Ideas

We already know that a Séura Outdoor TV is a given to make your outdoor retreat the neighborhood hangout. But have you thought of what else you can add to make your yard the one with “wow” factor? We’ve compiled a list of features to incorporate into your backyard design, so take a look at our favorites.


Swim-Up BBQ
This isn’t your dad’s pool, people. Since your back yard is a neighborhood hot spot, you probably already planned on adding a swim-up bar to the design. But we suggest taking it up a degree by installing a swim-up BBQ pit. That way you don’t have to leave the party when it’s time to get your grill on.

Natural Gas Fire Pit
There’s a time and place for wood-burning fire pits, but they can be messy, so we’d avoid them in our dream back yard. A propane or natural gas pit will be an easy (think instant fire without pulling out your Boy Scouts badge) and clean way to create a focal point for your outdoor gathering or romantic at-home date night.

Unique Water Features
One of the coolest things we’ve seen this year is a table that doubles as a waterfall. We’ll let the photo speak for itself, but we think you need this in your life.

Putting Greens
You and your buddies might not be ready for the PGA Tour, but install a synthetic turf putting green and you’ll suddenly feel like a pro. Throw in a sand trap to practice your bunker game or even a chipping pad if you have the space.



Planning Your Party

Everyone’s idea of a great party is different. Maybe your crowd prefers a weekend brunch and low-key, leisurely pool time. Or maybe your group’s idea of fun is a bit more like a grown-up frat party with sports on TV and beer flowing from built-in kegs. No matter how you like to party, these tips are universal for having a good time.

Keep it Dry
No, we’re not talking about alcohol. If you want your party to go off without a hitch, make sure your seating is dry. It may sound like a no-brainer, but failing to remove seat cushions the day before could prove disastrous if the dew is heavy or an unexpected storm hits. If you do forget and find yourself with wet seats, hand dry them with a towel and cover the cushions with thick blankets to keep your guests dry.

Provide Shade
Sunny days are ideal for parties, but what happens when that sun is paired with intense heat or humidity? Unless they’re lounging in your pool, your guests quickly become miserable. Remedy that problem by making sure you have a shaded area — and don’t forget to put your Séura Shade Series Outdoor TV there. If your backyard is all sun, invest in a shade sail or a few sturdy patio umbrellas to create places to escape the sun.

Create Conversation Zones
If you’re expecting a large crowd, set up multiple small seating areas. This will allow your guests to flow more comfortably throughout the space. At the same time, incorporate a portable party station away from your main bar area for quick drink fill-ups.

Manage Mosquitoes
If you’re in a climate where the annoying little buggers can ruin your evening, be sure to take measures to combat mosquitoes. If not, your party might clear out fast once dusk hits. Clear your property of any standing water in the weeks leading up to the party so you don’t create a breeding ground. Discreetly place fans around to keep the air moving, and don’t forget to fog prior to the party. To be on the safe side, light citronella torches once evening hits, and provide your guests with a basket of insect-repellant wipes.

Test Your Technology
To prevent a party faux pas, make sure you test the connections on your audio and visual devices beforehand. Knowing how to properly use your TV and sound system will help you create just the ambiance you’re looking for.


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