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Séura introduces Séura Select™, American-made lighted mirrors for value-conscious hoteliers

January 11, 2018

Green Bay, Wis. — Séura, the designer technology company in Green Bay, WI, announced the introduction of Séura Select™, a menu of lighted mirrors designed to be more budget-friendly without the risk of imports. The lighted mirrors are now available for specification in the hospitality market. Customers may simply choose from seven popular designs and 19 sizes to access prices starting under $199 per mirror.

“Many hoteliers feel compelled to choose off-shore products to stay within budget, but when they do, they expose themselves to greater risk and headaches,” explained Keegan Coulter, Séura VP of Sales and Marketing. “That’s why we came out with Séura Select – an American-made solution. With this product you don’t need to worry about wide variations and inconsistencies in quality commonly found with off-shore products. Plus we can send replacements much faster if ever needed to avoid rooms being out of service.”


Séura Select Lighted Mirrors utilize sustainable LED lighting with 85+ color rendering index (CRI) and 3000 Kelvin color temperature for a natural light color. Upgrade options include safety mirror backing, security hardware, fingerprint protection, dimmable lighting, and more.

“It would have been easy to do what is common in the industry, and seek a manufacture in Asia to produce the products for this entry-level solution. Instead, we challenged ourselves to develop a creative solution for our customers that aligns with their budget needs, while growing our Wisconsin workforce that embodies nationally recognized quality,” explained Gretchen Gilbertson, Séura Co-founder and CEO.

Séura Select Lighted Mirrors are a subset of Séura Lighted Mirrors, also made at Séura’s manufacturing facility in Green Bay, WI, that offer industry leading quality and innovation.

“We understand that not every project has the budget to afford our highest quality solutions. It’s like a guest choosing between an ocean-front view and a garden-view. Both are great rooms, but not everyone values the view and prefer to allocate their funds differently,” said Gilbertson. “For budget-conscious projects, we now have Séura Select, providing over 130 lighted mirror options at a more cost-effective price,” added Gilbertson.

About Séura

Séura is a designer technology company that designs and builds SMART Mirrors, TV Mirrors, Outdoor TVs and Lighted Mirrors for modern homes, hotels, and other commercial venues. Séura was founded in 2003 by Tim and Gretchen Gilbertson, who set out to bridge the gap between technology and design.