Séura Storm

Optimized performance for shaded locations


Séura Storm Ultra Bright

Best picture for all outdoor conditions – even direct sunlight

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Imagine a TV that lets you escape the indoors

Transform your outdoor space into an extraordinary entertainment area. Séura Outdoor TVs combine sleek design with advanced technology to deliver the very best outdoor entertainment experience. With Triple Lock Seal™ weatherproofing, unmatched reliability and the sharpest, brightest picture in any lighting and climate condition, your Séura Outdoor TV will be an instant hit.

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adaptive picture technology

The only TV that adapts to ever-changing outdoor lighting

Séura’s Adaptive Picture Technology™ automatically adjusts multiple picture settings as lighting conditions change throughout the day and into the night to ensure the best outdoor viewing experience. Adaptive Picture Technology™ gradually adapts to outdoor lighting with 110 unique picture mode variations for a smooth transition from bright sunlight to soft moonlight. This feature is available exclusively on Séura Storm Ultra Bright Outdoor TVs.

Engineered for Safety and Durability

Séura Outdoor TVs offer worry-free performance for reliable entertainment in any environment. Séura Outdoor TVs are designed and factory-built inside and out to deliver reliable, climate-proof, superior outdoor entertainment for years. Séura backs up its claims with a factory warranty that guarantees scheduling an on-site repair or replacement by an authorized local service expert within 48 hours, should an unlikely issue surface.


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Sleek and Unobtrusive Design
Great technology never looked this good

Séura Outdoor TVs are elegantly designed to complement any outdoor space. Our Outdoor TVs have a high-end fit and finish with a seamless glass face, discreetly beveled edges and a subtle, mitered-aluminum frame with a beautifully-tapered profile.

Ultra-High Definition Televisions Like the Fresh Air, Too

With Séura Outdoor TV, you can bring true 4K UHD picture clarity—four times the clarity of regular HD—to your outdoor spaces. Séura Storm televisions allow you to make your outdoor entertainment extraordinary by providing a no-compromise package featuring the best in video quality and robust, all-season weatherproofing.


Ultra HD technology is available on select models. See full specifications for details.

*65″ and 84″ TVs are HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 compatible

outdoor tv depth

Elegant design, Tough Engineering

At 2.7 inches in total thickness our Séura Storm televisions represent the sleekest outdoor televisions in the industry. Séura Storm Ultra Bright televisions are only 3.7 inches in depth. These low profile designs are 25-50% thinner than traditional outdoor TVs, adding style and elegance to your outdoor spaces. Our televisions are purpose-engineered and built for the outdoors. The sleekness conceals our best-in-class weatherproofing technology—a perfect blend of design and engineering.

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Weather or not

Séura Outdoor TVs are carefully designed and tested to thrive outside year-round, no matter how brutal the climate or conditions.

waterproof sealant

Séura’s Triple Lock Seal™ provides three barriers of protection against dust, moisture, ice, and insects that can wreak havoc on internal electronics.


Whether your outdoor space experiences desert heat or frigid winters, Séura’s unique thermal control system always keeps components at optimal performance temperatures.

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Every Séura outdoor TV is built with a durable, powder-coated metal exterior and tempered safety glass for long-term reliability under the most rugged outdoor conditions.


The performance of Séura Storm Ultra Bright™ Outdoor TV is ensured regardless of exposure to smoke and dust through its proprietary Activ™ Airflow System that continuously filters the cool air intake.

A Viewing Experience Like No Other

Anti-glare technology ensures that Séura outdoor televisions perform brilliantly in a wide range of ambient lighting conditions—from shade to semi-shade to sunlight.

a viewing experience like no other

tv accessories

Weatherproof Accessories make Installation Easy.

Séura offers two types of weatherproof outdoor TV wall mounts and a protective TV cover. Both the full-motion articulating wall mount and the tilting wall mount offer robust structural integrity that support Séura outdoor TVs even in windy conditions. The protective TV cover is easy to use with a single-point pull tightening system and durable flame-retardant material that keeps the TV clean and dust-free when not in use.

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