Products that Integrate Technology and Design

The bar has been raised for integrators looking to design stand-out solutions for their clients.

There is a lot of competition for consumers’ attention. There will be an estimated 16 million digital signs in the world by 2015, according to a prediction by Intel.

That means integrators need to offer clients eye-catching, jaw-dropping commercial displays in order to accomplish their clients ultimate goal—to be seen.

Seura’s Storm Seura’s Storm line of outdoor LCD HDTVs offers a choice of three products: a 42 inch, a 47 inch and a 55 inch model, and each of these HDTVs are designed to withstand temperatures as cold as -30 degrees and temperatures as hot as 140 degrees. The products are said to produce brightness ratings as high as 700cd/m2, which Seura says is more than enough to view a television in a bright environment. The outdoor HDTVs can be used for bar and restaurant installations, public space environments, and in hospitality installs.

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