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Dream South Beach Hotel

The Dream South Beach luxury hotel has a glamorous and artistic design. Centered around an organic lotus motif, the design of Dream South Beach is a balance of retro geometric patterns and peaceful eastern textures.

Designers chose Séura custom etched lighted mirrors to add a luxurious touch to each residence, and partnered with Séura as their preferred manufacturer after the hotel encountered quality discrepancies with an alternative lighted mirror solution.
The lotus pattern etched into the Séura lighted mirror is used throughout the hotel.

Séura’s etching process is unique and efficient. The Séura design team created a perfectly duplicated template to etch the mirrors. Craftsmen used the template to etch the mirror glass, creating a frosted design with clean and consistent lines. Séura is the only manufacturer that was able to duplicate this complex design at a cost that met their budget. The final product echoes the signature motif the designers wanted with the flawless perfection they needed.

Lighted Mirrors

Smooth lines, unparalleled brightness, superior reflectivity and seamless integration with a broad suite of customization options make Séura’s lighted mirrors the star of every design project.

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