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Guestroom Transformation

In the Candice Tells All episode, ‘The Three C’s of Guestroom Transformations’ Candice transforms a drab basement into a guest suite with luxury fit for a 5-star hotel. She educates viewers on major design considerations: comfort, convenience, and color.

Installed above a desk, the television mirror is all comfort and convenience.

In this episode, Candice utilizes a Séura Entertainment TV Mirror with a warm wooden frame. The TV Mirror provides a bright, high-performance television picture. When powered off, the screen completely vanishes, leaving a seamless mirror reflection.

House guests may watch television from the bed or check their reflection before heading out.
TV Mirrors

Entertainment TV Mirrors

A beautiful mirror that transforms into a TV in an instant. Séura Vanishing TVs offer uncompromising quality, while adding to the room's design.

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