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Combining Beauty and Technology

Putnam & Mason infuses high design with a taste of technology via a stunning Séura Entertainment TV Mirror.

This Greenwich, Connecticut design studio offers distinguishing clientele the best in art and design items including elegantly framed Séura TV Mirrors. Putnam & Mason is a multi-tier design atelier with a sophisticated contemporary yet classic vibe.  The shop is set up as a large studio/loft space fully furnished, accessorized and layered with a mix of contemporary goods juxtaposed with classical antiques.  The overall concept is to have all clients that enter the spaces feel as though they've been transcended to a sophisticated home which is all sensory; mood lighting, a personalized and romanced aroma, beautiful suites of home furnishings and accessories in which they can envision themselves living and a background of incredibly motivating sound/music.


A tall custom Séura TV Mirror sits above the fireplace reflecting the luxe environment. The hand crafted frame by Klasp Home is also available in bespoke leather and cowhide hair frames. 

TV Mirrors

Entertainment TV Mirrors

A beautiful mirror that transforms into a TV in an instant. Séura Vanishing TVs offer uncompromising quality, while adding to the room's design.

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