Séura Featured in “This Built America” Sponsored by Ford

Tim and Gretchen GilbertsonSéura was recently featured in “This Built America”, an editorial platform sponsored by Ford. This Built America is a program that recognizes USA-based companies that design, create, and manufacture in the USA. The team selected an organization from each of the 50 states to showcase online through video, candid photography, and personal interviews. Séura is proud to have been selected to represent Wisconsin.

“This Built America” researched creative companies that continue to manufacture in the USA. They looked for entrepreneurs and unique products. Séura products are not only made in the USA, but their elegant and intelligent TVs made them a natural fit for This Built America.

“We were honored when This Built America approached us to feature Séura,” said CEO and co-founder Gretchen Gilbertson, along with COO and co-founder, Tim Gilbertson. “It is imperative to us, the Séura team, and our brand that we continue create and manufacture in the USA to deliver the highest quality product with fast delivery times for our discerning clients.”

Consumers benefit from purchasing American-made products because more people employed in the US helps local economies. Séura products are custom-made and lead times are greatly reduced, as Séura does not ship from overseas.

The feature by “This Built America” outlines the story of the founding of Séura by young husband and wife team Tim and Gretchen Gilbertson. From humble beginnings in a garage, to the first employees, to the luxury technology powerhouse it is today, Séura’s history is one of tenacity and innovation. “This Built America” tells the story of Séura through editorial, video content, photography, and a recorded google hangout chat with Gretchen Gilbertson.

Zach Honig, a tech reporter from Engadget spent time at Séura learning about the company. He also visited other sites where Séura’s products are installed and vendors fabricate various components used by Séura.


About Séura

Séura is an award-winning manufacturer of Television Mirrors, Waterproof Televisions, Outdoor Televisions, and Lighted Mirrors. Founded in 2003, Séura delivers innovative visual entertainment in surprisingly elegant ways and does so with a customer centric approach that drives its solution-based products.  Séura continues to chart a path for its products to new and unexplored territory. For more information about Séura, please call (920) 857-9069 or visit seura.com.