Understanding Séura’s Products

What is the maximum mirror size for custom applications?

Séura’s glass is manufactured in sheets of 94” x 70”. Custom products may be any size which fits within a single sheet of glass. Maximum sizes are 94” wide by 70” tall or 70” wide by 94” tall.

What is the difference between Vanishing Vanity and Vanishing Entertainment TV Mirrors?

Vanishing Vanity TV Mirrors are designed for the bathroom and have a very bright reflection (a mirror first, TV second). Vanishing Entertainment TV Mirrors are designed for high-performance television viewing ideal for above fireplaces or in bedrooms (a TV first, mirror second).

What is the difference between Recessed and Surface-mounted installations?

Recessed (in-wall) TV Mirrors are configured to mount within a cavity in the wall. Surface (on-wall) TV Mirrors mount to brackets fastened to the wall surface.

How do Séura products ship?

All Séura mirrors ship via common carrier. Each product is packed with custom packaging protection and palletized for safe transport. Séura’s Hydra Indoor Waterproof Televisions ship standard ground via UPS.

What is the lead-time for Séura products?

All Séura’s standard products ship within 2 weeks of the completed sales order. Custom products typically ship within 4 weeks. Some elaborate or extremely custom products require more than 4 weeks. Products that ship via common carrier arrive within 3-5 days of shipment.

Owning a Television Mirror

How should I light around the TV Mirror?

TV Mirrors, like all televisions, are susceptible to glare in bright environments. Too much light can hinder the performance of the television. Avoid or turn off lights that are directed toward the TV Mirror. Use shade control or avoid windows that allow too much natural light.

What is the best way to clean a TV Mirror?

The glass surface can be cleaned with any conventional non-ammoniated glass cleaner. Care should be taken to use only a soft lint-free cloth. Apply all cleaners directly to the cloth and not the mirror surface. Never saturate the mirror surface as residual cleaner may seep behind the mirror. Stubborn spots can be removed with solvents such as mineral spirits, denatured alcohol or acetone.


Why won’t my TV Mirror turn on?

Double-check all power connections. If you are using a remote, try using the power button on the unit. If the remote is the problem, ensure that the batteries are fresh and are securely set within the remote. If the problem persists, call Séura at 1-800-957-3872.

I’m using the internal speakers but the picture plays without sound.

If your TV is a 10-, 19-, or 27-inch model, flip the Speaker Selector Switch on the top profile of the product. Note that Hydra Indoor Waterproof TVs and select legacy TVs are not equipped with internal speakers and must be integrated with an external audio solution. If the problem persists, call Séura at 1-800-957-3872.

I’m using external speakers but sound only comes from the internal speakers.

Flip the Speaker Selector Switch on the top profile of the product. If the problem persists, call Séura at 1-800-957-3872.

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