Standard Mirror Size

24” w x 36” h
33” w x 36” h
45” w x 36” h

Television Sizes

10″ Séura LCD TV
19″ Séura LCD TV
27″ Séura LCD TV


100+ Frames
Brilliant LED Lighting
Arches and Holes


$2,499 – $4,199+

Ideal Space



TV disappears when off

TV MirrorTV Mirror

TV when you want it.
Decor when you need it.

Séura Vanishing Vanity TV Mirrors are surprisingly magical. When on, the TV mirrors provide immediate access to news and media. When off, the television vanishes without a hint of its technical applications. Don’t settle for a traditional television that distracts from your carefully designed interior. Séura provides solutions that deliver high-performance technology you need, and the invisibility you want.

Vanity Glass. Balancing beauty and technology.

Séura Vanity Glass puts mirror reflectivity first and television brightness second. Séura Vanity Glass is designed to provide excellent mirror reflectivity while making it possible for a television placed within the mirror to completely disappear. Séura Vanishing Vanity TV Mirror technology performs best when used in environments where glare-inducing daylight is controlled. Due to a very slight mirror tint, Séura Vanishing Vanity TV Mirrors are not recommended for use on white walls or next to silvered mirrors.

Mirror TV

Timing is everything. Add a vanishing clock.

Available exclusively for Séura mirrors, this elegant and functional timepiece offers the convenience of a clock in a futuristic presentation. The OLED display is illuminated in pure white that matches any décor. In sleep mode, the clock continues to maintain time while invisible. When you enter the room, the built-in motion sensor illuminates the digital time. After you leave, the time display elegantly fades away.

Modest screens. Bold Integration.

Séura’s proprietary TVs are the perfect size for bathroom environments with all the connectivity benefits of a larger television. Enjoy flexible integration options like HDMI, Component, Composite, and VGA. Powerful down-firing speakers boost sound from behind the mirror for an invisible solution. Or fill your space with quality sound using the built-in line level-audio out or Phoenix connector.

10 Inch 19 Inch 27 Inch 10 inch TV19 inch TV27 inch TV

Installation Made Simple.
Work Faster. Watch Sooner.

Séura’s finely crafted products are fully integrated for fast, easy installation. All mounting brackets and hardware are included with every television mirror. Diagrams and custom drawings for your exact product are available as soon as you order, allowing you to make preparations before the product even arrives. Rest easy knowing Séura’s own Wisconsin-based staff of technical and engineering experts are available to assist.

Find the perfect frame for your style.

Traditional. Contemporary. Ornate. Modern. Crafted by artisans in the United States and Europe, Séura’s collection of designer mouldings are the most defining selections for your distinguished environments. Make a statement with a bold hue from the Lolli collection of candy-colored frames. Or subtly showcase your mirror with a sleek accent frame. Not sure?
Ask us to send you a corner sample for review



Diverse Control Options.
Automation Made Easy.

Every Séura television is uniquely equipped with Discreet IR and RS232 options. Four IR outputs and one input give you key integration flexibility. Select RS232 control using the built-in serial port. Incorporate into a new or existing system from Crestron, AMX, Control4, or Savant. Compatible drivers with each manufacturer make automation just that – automatic.

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